Finally Got Our Home in Milan! Repairs Underway!

My wife and I decided to purchase a small home in Milan, Italy, because we enjoy spending several months of each year in this gorgeous and historically rich community. Although we got a great deal on the house, there were some troubles that came along with the house. However, we knew that before we purchased it and have been enjoying changing it to suit our needs.

In the living room and kitchen, the drywall had been damaged due to a leaky roof. Although the previous owner had repaired the roof, the damage inside the home was not taken care of by them. Fortunately, we have some experience with drywall installation from a couple of homes that we had bought, fixed up and then sold for a profit. Of course, we are not looking to fix up this place for sale. It is going to be our second home and our base when we travel to Europe.

Along the way, we did encounter some difficulties because the rules and regulations in Italy are different than those we faced in the states. We can speak Italian reasonably well, but the words associated with rebuilding were not yet in our vocabulary. We had to spend some time learning these terms and to figure out what we were and were not allowed to do with our new home. After all, we certainly did not want to end up with legal troubles on our hands due to a lack of understanding.

Fortunately, we have several friends in the city who were more than happy to make certain we understood. We employed the company Andrea Color for the job. In fact, we even had a couple of friends who were willing to help us get the new place in top condition. It really helped to make us feel at home and reinforced that choosing Milan as a second home was the right choice.

cartongesso milanoWe had to remove all of the old drywall that had been damaged, which was a hideous mess to get out of the house. It took a couple of days for us to get all of the drywall removed and we had a small problem with the floor where the leak was the worst.

Then, we had to clean the area well, making certain that all of the dust and debris was completely cleared out, particularly inside of the wall space. The last thing we wanted was to leave anything that could lead to mold growth or any other similar problems.

In less than a week, we had the entire project done. It looks fabulous and we are excited about entertaining our friends in the new home. I cannot wait!

Of course, there are still some other things that we will need to do in order to make the place exactly how we want it. However, we want to mimic the original design as much as possible to keep with the style that makes Italy such a lovely place to visit. We are so pleased with our choice!